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This mod extends the game with fixes and smaller features. This mod will be evolved and adjusted over the course of FS17 to include more settings, fixes and features so please read the change log for full list of current features. To access the settings whilst in game Press "I" to open. This mod is MP ready and includes settings that can be setup for each player and also settings that can be applied for the server as a whole.
  • Setting Screen
  • Fruit growth during mission
  • Disable tabbing into vehicles
  • AI cost rate
  • Mouse controlled Cruise control
  • Farmers touch
  • Screenshot mode
  • ...List is long!
  • Xentro - Script
  • Decker_MMIV - Script (Filltype text for vehicles)


Ideas From


  • Kirovec - Mouse controlled cruise control
  • theSeb - AI cost
  • Decker_MMIV - Fruit growth during mission, Time-scale at night, Vehicle hud icons
  • dj - Toggle crosshair
  • Knut A. - Screenshot mode
  • Gate - Chainsaw usage restriction
  • Farmer26  - Farmers Touch to show information about objects
Change Log

+ = New
* = Update
- = Fix
/ = Removed

v0.4.2.1 - 2017-05-20
 * GearBox: Setting for gearbox control has deactivation state
 * DriveControl: Setting for shuttle control has deactivation state
 + Module: Vehicle - Hud icons (Tipping and unloading baler)
 - Module: Player - Farmers Touch - Show info for pallets and bales in MP

v0.4.1.0 - 2017-05-01
 * Saving of settings is done separate for Client and Server settings (will convert old saves to new format)
 * Client settings are auto saved upon change (Server settings will only save when you press save)
 * Hud positions can be changed from your client settings file (Do not change while game is running!)
 * Module: Vehicle - Option to toggle Filltype text for vehicles (Decker_MMIV)
 * Module: Player - Farmers Touch - Show info for pallets and bales
 * Add specialization script updated to v2.0
 - g_gameExtensionGUI can be accessed from mods.
 - GUI wont open when using the field tanker
 - Settings are correctly synched when client join game
 - Module: Player - Farmers Touch - Missing state text for some fruits/stages
 - Module: Player - getMass callback when lifting some random object
 - Module: Player - Chainsaw usage restriction - Host are "seen" as admin
 + GearBox: Setting for gearbox control(Useful for MP games)


v0.4.0.0 - 2017-01-21
 + Spanish by vanquish081
 + Dutch by Shermy
 + Polish by Dzi4d3k
 + Russian by Gonimy_Vetrom
 + Modders have the ability to add an custom setting page/s (reference in GameExtension.lua, lines 208-237)
 + DriveControl: Setting for shuttle control(Usefull for MP games)
 + Module: Auto Save - Set save intervals (Not for dedicatedServer)
 + Module: Vehicle - Filltype text for vehicles (Decker_MMIV)
 * Module: Player - Harder joint strenght for player lifted objects
 * Module: Player - Farmers Touch - Will show for all seeded fields
 * Module: Player - Chainsaw usage restriction - Only shown in an MP game
 * Module: Time - Time-scale at night works with fastForward mod
 * Module: Screenshot - F1 Hud is hidden upon activating screenshot mode
 - Module: Player - Farmers Touch - "attempt to index field 'start' (a number value)"
 - Module: Player - Farmers Touch - Check if displayed crops have their l10n translation
 - Module: Player - Crosshair state is "loaded properly"
 - Module: Fruit growth during mission - Wont save module state in MP
 - Entering I in "login" wont close the setting screen
 - Removed password requirement for player hosted games.
v0.3.0.0 - 2016-12-11
 + Module: Time - Time-scale at night
 + Module: Player - Place "Farmers Touch" markers by pressing "c", reset by holding down "c"
 + Module: Vehicle - Hud icons (engine and tip side)
 * Module: Fruit growth during mission - Readded to setting screen
 * Module: Player - An warning text is shown if you arent allowed to use chainsaw
 * Module: Player - Farmers Touch overlay color is much similar to games color schema
 * Module: Dynamic Hose - Difficulty level added
 - Module: Player - Farmers Touch is hidden when screenshot mode is active
 - Module: Player - Farmers Touch wont show in vehicles
 - Module: Vehicle - Pipe Specialization - Activate particles when "dischargeToGround", MP
 / Module: Fruit growth during mission - Disableing of Withering upon starting of mission is removed.
v0.2.0.0 - 2016-11-26
 + Module: Dynamic Hose
 + Module: Player - Settings "Player grab distance", "Chainsaw usage restriction" and "Farmers Touch"
 + Module: AI - Setting "AI End Shift"
 * Module: AI - If you have more AIs active then "Hireable Number" allows then script will slowly stop AIs until reaching allowed number
 * Module: Screenshot - Disable more hud elements
 * Module: Screenshot - Inputbinding added (Left alt + H)
 - Module: AI - AI will stop engine when its done
 - Module: Screenshot - Fixed some of the hud mods which didnt have all the necessary bits for the hiding
 - Saved module states are loaded properly
 - Setting screen wont open if your in tip trigger with loaded trailer
 Note: Restructured the settings to make stuff cleaner. Some settings will be reset for this reason.
v0.1.0.0 - 2016-11-11
 + Setting Screen
 + Module: Fruit growth during mission
 + Module: Toggle vehicle
 + Module: AI cost
 + Module: Mouse controlled cruise control
 + Module: General (Player strength, Number of hirables, Toggle crosshair, Screenshot)